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3rd Choir Director
1931 at Essen
Choir Director 1967-2005
2005 at Kiel

Before he left the “Knurrhahn”, Arndt von Gavél ensured there would be a suitable successor. Karl-Heinz (Charlie) Konertz, music teacher and piano- and violin-player joined the choir in 1967 and was a faithful member until his death in 2005. During Charlie’s tenure from 1980 to 2004, five recordings were made. To mark their anniversary every five years, a new “Knurrhahn” LP, MC, or CD was released. Several of the shanty and sea song arrangements sung today were created by Charlie Konertz. You can still admire his bass line in “Nancy Lee” on the 2004 anniversary CD (Vol. 7). Charlie accompanying the closing songs on the piano became an unquestioned ritual at the end of every “Knurrhahn” evening.

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