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current Choir Director
1943 at Szczecin
Choir Director since 2005

After such a long and accomplished term, it wasn’t easy to find a new director. A committee was formed under the leadership of Klaus Firnhaber in 2004, and they found an ideal candidate in Michael Pezenburg, PhD. But he didn’t agree; in fact, a shanty choir was out of the question for him. After watching the Knurrhahn perform at the packed Nikolaikirche in Kiel at the „Seafarer‘s Sunday“ concert, Michael changed his mind. For the last 15 years he has been our vocal coach, choir director, and conductor. In this time our 8th and 9th CDs have been released. Under his leadership, the choir has been able to reach and inspire a wide audience in mostly sold-out concerts in several churches throughout North-Germany.

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